2024 NBA mock draft roundup: NBA draft has fluid top-5 according to latest predictions

2024 NBA mock draft roundup: NBA draft has fluid top-5 according to latest predictions

With March Madness underway, many NBA fans are getting the opportunity to see some of the most-coveted 2024 prospects on a national stage. While the NBA Draft is still several months away, it will be interesting to see how the March Madness Tournament changes mock drafts around the internet. Can any of the college basketball stars overtake Australian center Alex Sarr as the favorite to go No. 1 overall?

Sure, the NBA Draft order isn’t set in stone and won’t be for a long time given the draft lottery, but there is still plenty of intrigue about who will go in the top-five. Many teams can go a variety of different directions with their selections, and with the vast amount of talent available, there aren’t too many bad options.

Here are the latest predictions surrounding the 2024 NBA Draft.

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NBA mock drafts: Top 5 picks and predictions

No. 1 overall:

USA Today: Detroit Pistons – Zaccharie Risacher, JL Bourg (France)

“[Risacher] has the scoring ability, size, length, quickness and athleticism teams are seeking in today’s NBA. Quick release on catch-and-shoots, is able to create off the dribble and runs the court well.”

Bleacher Report: Washington Wizards – Alexandre Sarr, Perth (Australia)Sporting News: Washington Wizards – Alexandre Sarr, Perth (Australia)

No. 2 overall:

USA Today: Washington Wizards – Alexandre Sarr, Perth (Australia)

“A strong defender and shot-blocker who plays with force on both ends; has good hands, uses his body well and though he doesn’t have the prettiest shot, he gets it to go in.”

Bleacher Report: Detroit Pistons – Rob Dillingham, KentuckySporting News: Detroit Pistons – Zaccharie Risacher, JL Bourg (France)

No. 3 overall:

USA Today: San Antonio Spurs – Nikola Topic, KK Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)

“Strong passer, not flashy, but sees the court and can make the right pass.”

Bleacher Report: San Antonio Spurs – Reed Sheppard, KentuckySporting News: San Antonio Spurs – Nikola Topic, KK Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)

No. 4 overall:

USA Today: Charlotte Hornets – Cody Williams, Colorado

“Can get to the rim with ease, and finishes with power although listed at 6-8, 190 lbs. Has 3-point range, and his mid-range game is solid at the college level.”

Bleacher Report: Charlotte Hornets – Zaccharie Risacher, JL Bourg (France)Sporting News: Charlotte Hornets – Reed Sheppard, Kentucky

No. 5 overall:

USA Today: Portland Trail Blazers – Matas Buzelis, G League Ignite

“Good leaping ability, surprises with his dunks, soft shooting touch, plays through contact.”

Bleacher Report: Portland Trail Blazers – Cody Williams, ColoradoSporting News: Portland Trail Blazers – Ron Holland, G League Ignite

Who is the consensus No. 1 overall pick?

Some might say there isn’t one this year. While most experts agree, that Perth Australia’s Alex Sarr will be the top choice, that still isn’t set in stone.

Other players who could be considered options at first overall include French forward Zaccharie Risacher, Serbian guard Nikola Topic, Colorado’s Cody Williams, and Kentucky’s Rob Dillingham.

There are many who believe not a single American college basketball player will go in the top-three picks. The last time that happened was 2001 when each of the first four picks — Kwame Brown, Tyson Chandler, Pau Gasol, Eddy Curry — entered the NBA draft without attending an American college. Just last season, two of the top three picks — Victor Wembenyama (No. 1 overall) and Scoot Henderson (No. 3 overall) — were drafted from outside the American university system.

Where is Purdue’s Zach Edey expected to go?

Arguably the biggest star in the March Madness Tournament, Purdue’s Zach Edey is a divisive player. However, his controversial play style can’t take away from the fact that he could very well be a back-to-back college basketball player of the year when this season is all said and done.

That said, many experts believe the 7’4″ center will not be drafted until the latter half of the first round in this year’s draft. USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt and Scooby Axson believe that Edey will fall to the Washington Wizards at 26th overall, citing Edey’s lack of mobility as the main drawback keeping many teams from drafting him earlier. Washington is in dire need of a center but given their likelihood to land a top-three pick, they could very well solve that need by drafting Sarr instead.

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