2024 NBA Draft: Top Prospects Remaining Entering Round Two

2024 NBA Draft: Top Prospects Remaining Entering Round Two

The 2024 NBA Draft is the first in which the two rounds of the event are being split up between two separate days. The first round has officially come to an end, meaning teams will now have tonight and most of tomorrow to recalibrate their respective boards and make decisions entering round two.

On Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. ET, the second round will get underway. There are still many quality talents available, especially for teams with selections early in the round.

In fact, five prospects in particular were projected to be taken in the first round on Wednesday night, but have now fallen to round two. These could be high-impact picks for teams with selections in the early thirties on Thursday night.

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Although commonly mocked to the Phoenix Suns with the No. 22 overall pick, Kolek ultimately fell to the second round. He’s an experienced point guard and proven playmaker, while also being a top-three passer in this class.

For any team who needs a high-motor backup point guard, Kolek would be a fantastic selection on Thursday afternoon. In fact, he’s good enough to help a team win as a rookie.

Although he’s certainly more of a project pick, Furphy is a jumbo shooter who was able to play a key role on a very good Kansas team as a freshman. Given he has so much upside, while also possessing a solid floor as a shooter, it was expected that Furphy would get looks in the first round.

Now, he’s on the board for any team who wants to take a swing in the second-round. Especially on a rebuilding team, Furphy would be a great piece to add to the roster.

After a fantastic season in the G League, Smith entered the 2024 NBA Draft as a player who had increased his draft stock. At 6-foot-11, he is a fluid big with wing skills.

In the modern NBA, positional size and the ability to put the ball on the floor is highly valuable. Furthermore, he has upside as a floor-spacing big which could benefit any team.

Not long ago, Filipowski was projected to be taken just outside of the lottery. As a 7-footer with self-creation upside and the ability to knock down perimeter shots, it’s hard to believe he fell to the second round.

He may not be the best defender or bring the same level of shot blocking as other centers in this class, but his skillset is made for today’s NBA. Regardless, he could be a steal on day two of the 2024 NBA Draft.

If McCullar hadn’t gotten hurt late in the season, there’s a real case to be made that he could have been selected just outside of the lottery. Although he had a fantastic season for the Jayhawks, he missed the most important pasrt of the year — including the NCAA Tournament.

A two-way talent, McCullar has proven he can score at a high level, but is also a great perimeter defender. As a high floor piece, he feels like someone who could elevate a contender and be a high-value pick in the second round.

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