15 best February 2024 new launches to shop, from Dove to Glossier

15 best February 2024 new launches to shop, from Dove to Glossier

We made it through the first month of 2024 (cue the round of applause). Didn’t it feel like one long day?

Enter February — the second month of the New Year, and one of the most lovely times of the year. With the coming of Valentine’s Day to the rise in new beauty products comes the push toward more cheery-eyed shopping — and we certainly have you covered with this list.

The New York Post has the luxury of trying the latest and greatest items on the market — items we’re beyond excited to share with you, our readers.

So, what are the hottest February new launches? From dreamy, must-have beauty products (thanks, Glossier!) to brand-new fashion pieces you’ll want to live in, our just-dropped list is packed with our top favorites.

To help you dial down the research, the New York Post packaged up all of the best new products across beauty, style, home and more. Read on for a list of what we’d recommend to our besties IRL.

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Meet one of our favorite haircare brands, Aveda. Its brand-new Botanical Repair Bond-Building Flash Treatment is one we love to use following our shampoo and conditioner for a dose of shine we didn’t know we needed. Not only is our hair strong and smooth but its shine is quite long-lasting.

Kulfi Free The Brow Volumizing & Laminating Brow Gel

One of the hottest new launches of February is the Kulfi Free The Brow Volumizing & Laminating Brow Gel. For less than $30, this new Clean at Sephora brand is fully equipped to give you snatched brows. And, what’s better than that?

Specifically, the product contains safflower oil, sunflower oil and roselle hibiscus sabdariffa to not only keep hairs at bay but also soothe them. We love the trendy lavender and apricot packaging and it’s the travel-friendly beauty staple we 100% believe belongs in your back pocket at all times.

Dove Scalp + Hair Therapy Density Boost Clarifying Shampoo

The Dove Scalp + Hair Therapy Density Boost Clarifying Shampoo is less than $10 and made such a difference in our hair (and, that’s saying something, as we’ve tested dozens upon dozens of shampoos in the past three years). Suitable for biweekly or once-monthly use, it’ll help erase product buildup at the root and revive your hair to be more bouncy and well-cleansed.

OLEHENRIKSEN The Glow Cycle Skincare Gift Set
Ulta Beauty

One of our favorite skincare brands we reviewed is OLEHENRIKSEN — and this is the power trio, let us tell you. Complete with the brand’s dynamite vitamin C serum, moisturizer and toner, this Ulta Beauty-exclusive is one you’ll want to get your hands on. Plus, less than $75 is an incredible value.

Glossier Full Orbit Hydrating, Brightening, Smoothing Eye Cream

We’ve tested many eye creams, and recently began using the Glossier Full Orbit Hydrating, Brightening, Smoothing Eye Cream. It’s everything it says it is — hydrating, brightening and smoothing. Its pretty-in-pink packaging and absorbable formulation has allowed it to be a Sephora-sold sellout, though you can find it directly on Glossier’s website (while you can, that is).

Petal & Pup Raelyn Mini Dress — Pink
Petal & Pup

Petal & Pup is one of our favorite brands — especially for workwear — and its date night outfits are just as good (*cough, cough,* Valentine’s Day?) The Raelyn Mini Dress in Pink is, undeniably, one of our favorite SKUs and offers that feminine flair we can’t help but love.

Billie The Dermaplane Starter Kit

Direct-to-consumer brand Billie is shaving up a good time this February. With its The Dermaplane Starter Kit, you can safely remove peach fuzz and gently exfoliate your skin to help confer that brighter, even-toned complexion. Not to mention, it’s your one-stop tool to perfectly shape brows with pinpoint precision.

For less than $15 (!!!) we’ve been all about this new launch. And, Billie offers blade refills so you’ll feel good about your sustainable purchase.

Virtue Damage Reverse Serum

Unlock a healthier hair day with the Virtue Damage Reverse Serum. It’s the leave-in treatment that helps repair existing damage, thanks to working with the brand’s proprietary Alpha Keratin 60ku complex. Additionally, it’s said to “give hair its strength, naturally restores damaged peptides to give hair elasticity and refills each strand with keratin to smooth, soften and protect from future harm,” per its website.

PUMIEY Crew Neck Short-Sleeve Top

For a new Amazon release that’s less than $25, the PUMIEY Crew Neck Short-Sleeve Top is your one-way ticket to building a capsule wardrobe. It looks dynamite with your favorite jeans, fares well for layering and comes in a variety of colors.

A&F Sloane Tailored Short

It’s no surprise we love Abercrombie around here, and its new A&F Sloane Tailored Short is one of our favorite new pieces we’re most excited to wear. They fit like a glove, are at a modest length and look incredible with bodysuits and your favorite nude heels. We recommend stocking up while you can.

Harry & David Classic Valentine's Day Gift Box
Harry & David

Of course, we’re going to spotlight a signature Valentine’s Day gift basket worth ordering. Harry & David is one of our favorite destinations for these made-to-order deliveries, complete with four premium pears, two red buttercream-frosted heart-shaped vanilla cookies, milk chocolate-covered cherries and chocolate truffles (white coffee, dark cherry, dark raspberry, milk almond, dark chocolate and milk chocolate).

Shani Darden Moisture Boost Plumping Serum

Enter skin-plumping city with the brand-new Shani Darden Moisture Boost Plumping Serum. It’s irreplaceable for evening use, helping our skin feel more supple and hydrated. In essence, it’s a skin drink we’re obsessed with, especially for its fragrance-free and antioxidant-packed formulation.

Kate Somerville MEGA-C 30% Vitamin C Brightening Facial

It’s time to dial up the brightening. Thanks to the Kate Somerville MEGA-C 30% Vitamin C Brightening Facial, we’re experiencing our most glowy and vibrant skin yet. It’s ideal for self-care night (aka, a face mask worth ordering stat).

For more options, check out our guide to the best vitamin C serums we reviewed.

Sea New York Donna Print Dress

We’re beyond obsessed with the Sea New York Donna Print Dress — a new midi from Bloomingdale’s. It’s surely a splurge, but worth it for your next vacation. Oh, and we love how it’ll layer beautifully with your denim jacket or cardigan.

Vicenza Caged Raffia Platform Heels

Speaking of vacation-wear (and, speaking of another splurge worth making), head to Anthropologie. The destination has the most swoon-worthy Vicenza Caged Raffia Platform Heels that complement any outfit. Check yes, Juliet.

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